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Demo Reel Breakdown

Animation Demo Reel

(0:08) Bam

-animated characters/lip sync. modeled environment.

(0:19) Bunnies in the Woods

- illustrated/animated all bunny characters. Created woods background. Composite/edited in Final Cut pro.

(0:33) Spider Tank Attack

-videotaped background. Track footage using Maya Live. Model "invisible environment" to capture shadows. Animated the characters. Rendered and composited ambient occlusion layer.

(0:49) Tentacles

-modeled and animated tentacles. Used Maya Livetracking for motion capture. Composite with Final Cut Pro.

(0:52) Monster

- animated character. Added toon outline. Illustrated background. Added lighting.

(0:59) The happiest thing

- animated and synced the character to audio clip. Created background, lighting.

(0:67) Intruder

- animated character.

(1:15) Dancer

- animated character and camera movement. Modeled environment. Added lighting.

(1:22) Shut the hell up

- animated character.

(1:28) Frickin’ idiot

- animated character.

(1:37) Hummingbird

-modeled, textured, and animated hummingbird. Photographed stills for background. Composite in Final Cut Pro. Line drawing animation created in Photoshop.

(2:02) Water Current

-Animated girl in Flash.

(2:05) Mouse

-traditional pencil animation.

(2:17) Cat in Computer Chair

-traditional pencil animation

(2:21) Smile

-traditional pencil animation

(2:24) Abercrombie logo

- modeled texts and “coin.” Animated “coin” and camera movement. Added lighting and rendered.

(2:28) Pau hana

- modeled entire scene. Animated texts. Added lighting and rendering.

(2:31) Wizard

- Modeled entire scene. Modeled character. Animated character. Animated cloak with Syflex. Added particles and dynamics. Added lighting, surfacing, and rendering.

(2:35) Hologram

-Modeled entire scene. Textured surface of cube. Added bump displacement. Animated objects. Added lighting.

(2:42) Soccer ball

-modeled entire scene. Textured surface. Added particle emitters and dynamics. Attached force to ball. Added toon outline to tall grass. Added motion blur to rendering.

(2:45) Cactus thingy

-modeled and textured character. Videotaped live action and motion tracked footage using MatchMover2011. Matched lighting. Composited footage, with main rendered CG and an ambient occlusion layer.

(2:48) Charge!

- illustrated/animated characters.

(2:51) Ball Weight Test

- Modeled environment. Animated ball and spring.

(2:55) Cat tail

-tradtional pencil animation

(2:59) Centaur

-itradtional pencil animation

(3:02) Run

- traditional pencil animation

(3:04) Bunny Turnaround

-tradtional pencil animation

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